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Texture Painting – Add Life To Your Feature Wall

While interior paint is available in several sheens and hues, you might need to add some texture to a room’s feature or main wall to give it a particular eye-catching appearance. Using unique application methods and textured additives, it is simple to texture a wall using pre-textured paints or regular interior paint. Texture paint has a slightly gritty appearance that outperforms wallpaper or any other type of paint finish, giving walls character and a rustic appeal. A lovely and distinctive way to provide structure, depth, and shadow to a bedroom is by using textured focal walls from the best texture painting contractors in Hyderabad.

The results of texture paint designs, which range from subtle and artistic to unassuming or detailed, are so striking that the focus wall appears to be a piece of art. Here are some ideas for applying wall texture paint to breathe new life into a feature wall.

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Light Avocado Green

The safest place on earth is where you live. Every house buyer craves a warm and inviting atmosphere in their homes, and a rich velvety home color like this avocado green color provides that. This color is present in practically all of the window’s color combinations. So, you don’t even need to worry about whether something will match the wall paint when you want to design the space.

Rouge & Cream

Beige and milder hues of bright white accent colors are popular color combinations. For good reason, cream and color tones are frequently used since they make any place appear lighter and bigger. Make your living room stand out if you are going for a creamy design by including red accents in the room.

Accents like side chairs, fabrics, pillows, and cushions should feature crimson wallpaper. Your living room color scheme will appear opulent, dramatic, and exquisite if you try to finish off with a few cool golden accents. Contact the best painting contractors in Hyderabad for the best painting services and best color combination suggestions.

Lime Green & Yellow Colors

When it comes to the color you should choose for the room, yellow has continually been a favourite accent color. Your space will appear much more expansive and dazzling in this tone. If you’re looking for the ideal shade for your room’s walls, consider a lime green and yellow combination to infuse some springtime into the space. Keeping the roof white will help if your room is too small. The professionals at Beautiful paints which provide the best painting services in Hyderabad may help you choose the best color combinations for your beautiful home. Contact us for painting services or go through the website for more information.

Peach & Black

Peach is a straightforward, warm neutral color that blends well with almost any other color. However, when you choose a hard, strong shade like dark, the results are astounding. The highlight divider stands out and adds beauty to the lovely peach space since dark colors almost always offer a dash of refinement right away. If you want the best wall painting services then contact us for wall texture painting services in Hyderabad at the best prices.

Lavender & Off-White

Lavender is a beautiful shade, and its calming aroma is believed to help people relax and have a good night’s sleep. Lavender and grey are excellent color combinations if you’re looking to bring assertive tones to your room’s walls that also help you unwind. This is another well-known combination of divider colors for various front rooms.

The selection of wall painting color combinations has a significant impact. It might enhance the lounge’s stylistic theme’s grandeur. When choosing the interior color scheme for the corridor, you should be especially careful. Make sure your decision complements the theme and décor. It’s a difficult task to choose a color scheme for the living room’s dividers. Therefore, if you want to maximize the splendour of your lounge, don’t pause for a second to deal with shade plan difficulties. Beautiful paints is a platform which provides you with a wide variety of painting services such as stencil wall painting services, and wall texture painting services in Hyderabad at the best price. We are the best painting contractors in Hyderabad to provide the best painting services in Hyderabad. Visit our website for more information!

  1. Mosaic Texture: A strategically positioned tile mosaic over a main wall can add a fun touch to a light and airy area. Your bedroom might have a very distinct aesthetic feel if the walls are textured with a different color from floor to ceiling. Utilizing combined texture application techniques, one can produce a tile-like wall texture paint design by using wet paint to create patterns like zigzags, checkerboards, wavy lines, or swirls with comb-like tools or stencils.
  2. Rustic Texture: Rustic metallic glazed textured wall paint schemes can provide a chill, unpolished atmosphere in a bedroom. Industrial-inspired designs are becoming more and more popular since they may assist in enhancing a room’s bright and rustic style by using contrasting, whimsical layers of texture. Rag rolling is another technique for giving a wall a rough appearance. Simply dip a rag into the paint, wring out the excess paint, and then roll it around the wall for a lovely uneven appearance.
  3. Brick Texture: Brick has always been and will continue to be a timeless choice for bedroom walls. The addition of textured wall paint schemes gives a focus wall more depth and dimension by simulating a traditional brick wall. By utilizing a stencil roller that has been dipped in thick paint and then rolled across the wall in a brick-like pattern, it is possible to produce a faux brick texture.
  4. Marble Texture: Italian marble or stonework stucco can provide a roomy bedroom with a gorgeous Victorian or Mediterranean style, creating a calmer and more homey ambience. The result appears opulent, pristine, and cosy. The technique of “smooshing” involves applying a glaze to a wall and covering it with a plastic sheet before it dries to create the appearance of marble. This sheet can be removed to reveal a marble-like design that is likely to attract the eye of anyone who sees it.
  5. Fabric Texture: A strikingly different focal wall with a fabric-like texture and a velvety feel can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in bedrooms with lighter-coloured walls. The sponge technique, in which a sponge roller saturated in paint is dabbed or twisted onto the wall to create textured patterns, can be used to achieve fabric texture.
  6. Wood Texture: The most adaptable element of interior design that may give the bedroom a rustic aesthetic is a traditional wooden texture. One may achieve the illusion of wood that adds depth and flair to the bedroom by using the best-textured wall paints to create a wood-like grain on the focal wall. Using a tool, a texture is applied over the base coat to create the appearance of faux wood graining.
  7. Smoke Texture: The most adaptable interior design element that may give the bedroom a rustic aesthetic is generally thought to be a classic wooden texture. The appearance of wood that adds depth and character to the bedroom may be achieved by producing a wood-like grain on the main bedroom wall with the best-textured wall paints. A tool is used to apply a texture over the base coat to create the appearance of faux wood to get the look of wood graining.
  8. Striped Texture: Because stripes are classic, this wall texture design will always be in style. For rooms of all sizes and designs, especially bedrooms, straight lines of your favourite house paint colors from the ceiling to the skirting are great. A wall color texture with horizontal stripes or two-tone chevrons can also give a touch of style to your room. Simply choose how many colors you wish to use in the space. We advise hiring our house painters services in Hyderabad as this is a precise piece of work.
  9. Ethnic Texture: You must explore this texture design for wall painting if you love ethnic trends in everything around you. You can choose the wall texture you’d want to use to decorate your feature wall from the innumerable stencils and stamps. You will feel joyous if your feature wall is decorated with stunning floral or ethnic patterns. So begin your search for stamps and stencils and keep exploring until you locate your favorite. Beautiful Paints is one of the top stencil painting service providers in Hyderabad.
  10. Plank Texture: Beach shacks and huts frequently have wooden plank walls rather than cement ones. However, using this style for your home’s interior design might be a clever use of wall texture. Simply scribble broad black lines evenly spaced from top to bottom. For the ideal wall texture design, make sure these lines are straight. The lines will have the appearance of long planks mounted on a wall.

By emphasizing the main wall and making it stand out and impress, textured wall paints can help a bedroom project an impression of drama and illusion. Other than that there are numerous other ways to apply textured wall painting patterns to make your bedroom look amazing on a budget. A feature wall can be made to stand out and captivate its audience with just a little imagination and the right texturing technique. Wall painting services in Hyderabad like Beautiful Paints also provide wood painting services in Hyderabad.

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