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Best Red Color Combo for Your Wall Decor!

The color red is known to showcase intense emotions. This color is the sign of spring, the emblem of love, and the flag of desire. The concept becomes more strong when the color red meets with wall design. The real power of color lies in this!

The red color schemes have gained popularity for living rooms, statement walls in bedrooms, and other interior spaces. It gives you varieties of options for your room that looks perfect for your living spaces. These options vary from lively vitality to comfortable seclusion. The selection of the ideal color scheme for red is made simple by the wide range of options. If you are looking for the best painting contractors in Hyderabad then contact Beautiful paints, we also provide best textures painting services in Hyderabad at the best price.

We at Beautiful Paints have provided a simple guide to assist you in choosing the color that goes well with red and brightens your home:

Red & White

Modular kitchen or immaculate bathroom looking delightfully white and scarlet is a sight to behold! The color scheme like white pearls on a red dress or white frosting on a red velvet cake offers just the right amount of fashion appeal.

Play with the glossiness of the reds in your tile and complement it with your bathroom furnishings to give your bathroom an opulent appearance. When designing a modular kitchen, allow the deep red show through your cabinets or walls, while white highlights other delicate elements in the room.

Black & Wine Red

The ideal color scheme for homeowners who want to experiment on their walls is the new debate topic. The spotlight and cover pages have been taken over by the crimson and black designs on the bedroom walls. Many homeowners have elegant black dressers and closets that go perfectly with shiny red walls. Some people want colorful, glossy walls, while others favor pastels and neutrals.

The warm red hues and alluring black offer your bedroom a stylish edge while yet giving you the right amount of solitude. If you add a decent rug to it, the space will be ideal for spending cozy, romantic time.

Ruby Red & Earl Gray

If you are looking to go classic with a hint of current flair then this combo offers you the same. The traditional red color provides a lively and vibrant color in the space, whereas the subtle and weathered gray grabs a backseat, which makes this combination a favorite amongst most homeowners.

The walls may also be complemented with sleek, slashing gadgets such as Smart TV and ambient lighting.

Pale Fed & Rustic Brown

Let the cozy wood details and the dramatic yet serene red space infiltrate your space. Pale red is a great color for a living room or kitchen since it blends in so well with the functionality of the space. Most homeowners enjoy experimenting with this combination to give their homes a distinctive look because red colors are trendy right now and wood tones never go out of style.


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Ashes of Red & Pastel Pink

This red color scheme for your space is the best option if you’re an active, enthusiastic homeowner who wants your bedroom to reflect that vitality. The subdued red hues produce a striking yet fashionable living space. You can use soft red furnishings, pastel pink linens, and light pink accent walls to adorn and furnish your walls. The living room, bedroom, studio, and study are all fantastic spaces for this color scheme.

Red color schemes, whether they are bold red walls or textured red ceilings, are intended for contemporary yet traditional house designs. Choosing a color scheme that matches your personality is simple & it’s time to begin your house painting experience. 

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