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Maintenance Tips For Newly Painted Walls!

Everyone enjoys having a brand-new-looking house! You experience happiness and
fulfillment throughout the day. The wall paint inside a house decides how it appears
overall. Therefore, it is advised to follow methods that can maintain a fresh appearance
for a longer time.
The best wall painters in Hyderabad at Beautiful paints have a variety of solutions that
they can use to offer support for maintaining your freshly painted walls. Here are some
simple DIY techniques that will maintain the luster and sheen of your wall paints.
Therefore, before thinking about painting walls often, let’s have a look at some ideas
that will help you give your house a spotless appearance for freshly painted walls!

  • Know Your Paint

You should identify the type of paint that is used on your walls before beginning the
entire maintenance process. The most important component in thinking about how to
clean your walls is the type of paint which has been painted. For instance, it is best to
clean your wall with warm water and a gentle or mild cleaner if it has a latex paint finish.

  • Set Up The Ambience

Painting walls might be daunting, whether it’s your first time, second time, or any other
time. Dust, shifting objects, cleaning, covering, and putting everything back seems like a
lot of work!
Start by taking down any wall hangings, including lights, decorations, and paintings. All
of your furniture should be moved and covered to prevent stains. Make lots of space for
yourself to avoid hitting anything, breaking anything, or impeding your job.
Simply use a lambswool or cheesecloth duster to remove any solid debris from your
walls and create a flawless appearance.

  • Its washing time

Try to give your walls a water wash sometimes, just like you have annual maintenance
for the appliances in your car. This can clean off the dust and give your house a little
more coolness.
It is preferable to perform a patch test before washing your walls to make sure the paint
is waterproof and won’t be harmed. Use soap and water to clean any stains or
imperfections on your walls. For soap water, a patch test is appropriate as well. To
prevent stains, always wash your walls with a clean cloth or sponge and steer clear of
wearing any colored clothing.

  • Bye Bye Blemishes

The hardest part is cleaning the spots. Try carefully scrubbing off any discoloration,
scratches, or stains on your wall to start. Some stains may be easily removed, but others
are quite deep. You require a stain remover or a light detergent in these circumstances.
If necessary, you can even use baking soda. Clean the residue once the stain has been
removed to prevent allergies.

  • Some Quick Touch Up

It is preferable to keep any remaining paint rather than discarding it. You never know
when you might require some for a quick touch-up on your wall. Get the same color
instead if you don’t have any paint left, though. For easier and more effective coverage,
apply the touch-up with smaller brushes and wait until it dries.
Therefore, it is how you care if you are planning to paint your walls. Visit Beautiful
paints- the best painting contractors in Hyderabad to get in touch with us for more
information on wall paintings. We have a team of experts who are highly experienced
and provide the best painting services in Hyderabad. Visit our website for more

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